For my second entry into POPSspot, I contemplate the question that many of us are contemplating right now as the NFL Draft approaches: Is it RG3 or Andrew Luck?

Most importantly, why does ESPN continue to rely on and/or value the picks of Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. And as I keep going back and forth on the RG3 and Luck question, I can’t shake away from asking over and over, why Mel and Todd?

Why is the word of Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay so valuable when it comes to the draft and draft picks? Are they current/past NFL players? Are they current/past NFL scouts? Do they have current/past NFL management experience? How did they get those jobs? Why is their word so valuable? Now, I’m not attacking or criticizing these guys personally. I just want to know why? Don’t you ever want to know?

Additionally, because Mel Kiper, Jr. was involved in some questionale (scandalous) behaviors involving agents, draft picks and his projection borad, I’m wondering how he still has his job. It was just two years ago that brother Kiper was under investigation and linked to changing or adding value to draft picks because of his connections with agents?

So again, I ask why? Am I the only one that wants to know?

As we all look forward to the draft and another fantastic football season, (congratulations Giants by the way), I hope that I am not alone in asking who determines value, intellect, work ethic (potential), attitude (history) and more. I want to know why these guys? Are they Experienced? Coaches? Players? Experts?

In closing I pose these questions for you to:

“Where was Cam Newton on their draft board?”

“Have these guys ever profited from their big boards/projections?”

“Have they ever been wrong?”

“Do you really think they are disagreeing or acting?”

“Do they ever suffer any kind of consequences when they get it wrong?”

“What is the penalty for misleading the TV audience?”

“Are they just entertainers only?”

I hope many others, coaches, GM’s, players, and agents reflect on McShay, Kiper, and ESPN questions/dilemma.

I hope that I am not alone in just wondering why?

Mel Kiper, Jr… Todd McShay… Who are they to say?

C’mon man!

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One Response to Mel Kiper and Todd McShay… Who Are They to Say?

  1. MODI says:

    No, you are not the only one asking why. And what’s also interesting is that we never heard about any of the results of ESPN’s “investigation” into Kiper after that SI article exposed his relationship with Gary Wichard. Not only that but then Kipers draft boards from 2006-2010 became hard or impossible to find so people could matchup Wichard clients with Kipers draft position and see how many Jimmy Claussen’s existed who were so wildly overrated…

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