The title quote is how Edge of Sports host Dave Zirin described NBA Commissioner David Stern’s media narrative on last week’s radio show. Zirin countered the common “best commissioner” narrative with the “Luckiest Man on Earth” one (see birth of Magic/Larry, Michael, and ESPN), and reminded folks about Teamless in Seattle, his “fixing of scandals”, and last decade’s punitive and paternalistic treatment of African-American players (for meticulous documentation see David Leonard in After Artest: The NBA and The Assault on Blackness).

While largely in agreement, I give Stern credit for maximizing his luck to grow the game, and for promoting racial diversity within NBA management. On the show, I expressed my divided opinion of Stern as good Commissioner pre-1998, and as terrible Commissioner in the post-Jordan era.

The show had two other great segments: Jim Keady discussed Nike’s incredible influence and hypocritical relationship with Lance Armstrong, and ESPN’s Scoop Jackson discussed the making of “Benji”, the recent must-see ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on 1984 Chicago High School hoops phenom Benji Wilson and his tragic death.

Check out the Edge of sports show here:

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