Hello all, my name is Michael Knight and I am a 26 year old African American young man living in France. I am blessed to have the opportunity to play basketball professionally and to sing professionally promoting my music in Europe. (Mrmikeknight.com)

I am enjoying my experience over here in France and am honored to post for POPSspot. I have known Eddie Moore, Jr. since I have been about 10 years old. He has always known me as an aspiring athlete, and it is awesome to be in a position to write for him as I respect his work and commitment to uplifting community, people and kids of all races mainly through the White Privilege Conference.

The aspects of privilege in France are evident but different from that of the USA. So far I have been treated well, but people seem to be very fair weather in respects to their treatment based upon wins and losses and performance.  The people in the country often stare as I stand out. There are African people in France but very few African Americans. The cultural difference between that of being African and African American are evident and noticed by all. Some people look at me as an American who thinks he is the best simply because I am American, and others are more willing to seek the guy underneath the stereotypes. I tend to shatter those skeptics with kindness and being able to hold conversations in French helps tremendously.

I have studied off and on since grade school and a lot of my studies have stuck. There is a notion of privilege that foreigners assume Americans get and have which is interesting to see in the actions of others. Some are short and brief and others are very helpful and willing to look to be of assistance. I will always be thankful for this scope of life and to see things from this perspective. I love the change of speed. I am missing America and my friends and family, but know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Music and basketball have been life long dreams and playing in college now pro and having a successful album available online titled Left Side Story makes me feel accomplished, humble and hungry to keep grinding.

We are currently number one in league and I have had a great start to the season. The last few games have been tough for me with defensive schemes dedicated to get me off track. My coach, a Frenchman, is a good coach. He understands the game and we are working towards solutions for my thriving on the court. I can’t lie – I have been frustrated the past few weeks but I am happy to have my girlfriend out here now and my family visiting me this week. Pray for me on my journey, check my music out on my webpage and stay tuned for more posts. Much love.

3 Responses to Ball So Hard: An American in France

  1. MODI says:

    Michael, thanks for that international perspective, and good luck this year on your game and your music!

  2. Wilson J. Barton says:

    Contnued success 2 u, my brother. I am a Black American living in Switzerland and I can truly “feel” what ur saying.

    I have a 13 year-old (Swiss-American) son who will be finishing high school next year. This country has been VERY GOOD 2 us and I must say: I LOVE IT HERE!

    Please feel free to contact me when you can: Wilson J. Barton, Rue des Vignerons 6, 1110 Morges – SWITZERLAND.

    P. S. I grew up in South Florida with Eddie Moore, Jr. He’s ALWAYS been a great guy…and I’ll 4ever know him as POTLUCK.

  3. Mike says:

    Wilson and Modi thanks for the love!

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