What’s going on world? Just dropping a quick post. I’m back in Lorient and a little under the weather trying to shake this cold before our next game on Saturday. This last week has been great in getting a chance to see my family and hang with my girlfriend for Thanksgiving. I’m feeling very blessed and lifting up gratitude and humility this year for the goodness in my life.  We lost a tough game against Maubeuge on Saturday. I was glad my parents could see me play but we needed the road win. Maubeuge is a small city on the east coast of France near the Germany and Belgium border.

With the loss we are now in second place in our conference. I came alive for us and broke my streak of not so good games with 32 points. We were a couple missed free-throws and a few plays and calls away from a win. Smh. After the game I stayed the night in Maubeuge with my parents and in the morning we took a train to meet up with my sister and kicked it in Paris on Sunday. We made the rounds and saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Élysées and just took pictures outside the Louvre museum. It was closed by the time we got there, but I plan to go back and spend days there when time permits.

I handed CD’s out throughout our stops and people received them well. The conversations usually sparked a “franglais” interaction that ended in laughs. When I was 9 I spent weeks in Paris with my family seeing the sites and was in awe to have the same overwhelming feeling of appreciation of the architecture, art, and culture then that I did 16 years later now. I couldn’t help but count my blessings, thinking of how many people would never get a chance to travel in their lifetime, and was humbled by the opportunity to be with my whole family again over Thanksgiving weekend in Paris. Truly a blessing.

The looks and stares again were evident. People are hilariously ignorant with their prejudgments and looks. We as a family received a lot, and I did individually. I am currently in bed flushing my system with water and sipping some tea that my beautiful girlfriend just made me and trying to shake this bug that’s going around out here. Until next time. Au revoir. (Mrmikeknight.com)

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