Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo was very vocal in support of the Maryland gay marriage measure and he he retweeted comments from one woman who said he changed her mind after the Maryland Marriage Equality ballot initiative passed. “I am so happy tonight I could cry. My kids will grow up in the age of equality for all”.

The impact of the outspokenness of Ayanbadejo and Vikings punter Chris Kluwe were felt in their home states after past Marriage Equality Initiatives went 0-32. While the concept  of subjecting a persons equal rights to the whims of a popular vote needs to be seriously questioned, it is clear that key sports figures have helped turn a historic tide. Jim Buzinski from Outsports has more:

In Minnesota, the fight was to defeat Amendment 1, which would have changed the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The biggest public voice against Amendment 1 was the amazing Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings punter, whose last tweet early this morning was succinct:

“There is no doubt that Kluwe made a difference,” Brad Michael of  Minnesotans for Equality, wrote me. It was Michael who asked Kluwe to get involved in the campaign and it was a master stroke. Kluwe’s “lustful cockmonster” letter made a huge public splash and drew tons of media attention to the race. Interestingly, Michael said that an open letter from University of Minnesota basketball player Trevor Mbakwe was the most popular post on Minnesotans for Equality’s website.

For more, see Outsports.


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