What’s good world? So I’ve been holding back a bit and not mentioning fully what’s really going on out here, but I’m going to let y’all in on the situation. We have lost our last two games and its extremely frustrating. Not because we lost, but how we are losing. The previous game I scored 32 points in a 3 point loss in about 22 minutes of playing. Last night I scored 12 in about 8 minutes. My coach is benching me. He told me a few weeks ago he doesn’t want me to be the star and is going to let French players get the nod over me because he doesn’t believe in me. It’s honestly comical.

I’m remaining professional but I’m seeing the privilege factor being displayed in an ignorant foolish manor. The cream always rises to the top though so I’m keeping my cool and letting this guy shoot himself in the foot with his actions and decisions which are glaring now to the team management and fans. I’m here and ready to do my job. So much preparation has gone into me being ready, and for this to be the outcome is ridiculous. I am blessed to be in France, but dealing with extreme adversity and  a guy who I want to really go in and tell you about but I’m going to choose to keep it professional rather than to truly air him out.

We are now in 3rd and due to his vendetta personally against me the American he is making up reasons why I’m not playing and looking silly. I literally had fans, people involved with the club, and the opposing teams coach and players ask me whats going on. The point guard for the opposing team said they scouted for a week to shut me down, but that they barely used any of their schemes worked on due to me not playing. We are in a crucial part of the season and need to be winning and could be with some changes as a team, but I’m fearful that things won’t change.

My music (mrmikeknight.com) is doing well, and I appreciate those who have supported. Pray for my patience and calm manor to prevail in these trying times. This is as far in detail as I’m willing to go in the interest of my team, but know I am beyond frustrated and just letting you all know a glimpse of the full spectrum. On a bright note, I’ll be blessed with another year of life on my birthday which is Monday December 3rd. Cop that album Left Side Story and DL the free Mixtape from your Mixtape download sites or my webpage. Peace and Love y’all.


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