What’s going on y’all?  All is well for the most part here in France. It’s been cold and rainy but my spirits are high despite the weather. Basketball-wise we are still struggling as a team. Everyone is growing weary of our coaches decisions and over working us but we are a tight group and are staying together. We can’t win our conference now but we are 1-0 in French cup play. This is separate tournament where you play against different teams around the country for one champion. If we win next month we move on.

I have noticed people being amazed in my ability to speak French. It has improved drastically, and I feel good about learning another language. I caught a man talking mess about me being a privileged American. Very fitting for this blog. I called him out on it in French and said he smelled like a wet dog. He looked at me in shock and apologized. The look on his face to hear me give him a ear full in French….priceless. My girlfriend is in Spain for business. She works for a jewelry company called Nazari Pau. Google it. Great pieces for gifts. She returns to France tomorrow.

Musically my Mixtape continues to get a lot of downloads and my single. Forces is now getting spins on the radio out here which is great. Until next time. Au Revoir.

Michael K. (Mrmikeknight.com)


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