Kobe Bryant has made news this week for his super safe stance when asked about Trayvon Martin. Beyond Kobe, it’s a good a time to recall that there were at least 25 current and former athletes and coaches who stood up and spoke out after Trayvon Martin was killed and called for George Zimmerman’s arrest. Besides Lebron James and a couple of NBA All-Stars, few of these voices were heard.

On March 20th, 2012 former NBA All-Star Chris Webber declared:   “I Don’t Give A Damn About Sports” before dedicating nearly his entire radio show to the case of Trayvon Martin. Webber’s retired voice barely caused a ripple in sports media, but when a few days later, Lebron James organized the Miami Heat in a team hoodie tribute to Trayvon Martin, it not only opened doors and dominoes  for other sports stars to step up, but it also gave Trayvon’s family “a warm feeling”.

At best, it helped bring continued attention that lead to the arrest of George Zimmerman, and at worst, it helped keep the Trayvon case and the criminal justice system a topic of national discussion while increasing the chances for potential justice and reform. Below is a recap of 25 sports star voices. They include:

1. Chris Webber: “I Don’t Give A Damn About Sports”

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2. Lebron, James, Wade, & Heat“We Want Justice”

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