POPSpot Sports Radio (Mon., March 10 @7pm) will chat with former NBA All-Star James Donaldson, and Standing Above the Crowd author. Donaldson will share his views on why the NBA should develop a “real” mentoring program, why the NCAA set aside a deferred “trust fund” for graduating athletes, and why his longtime community activism has spread all the way to China.

POPSspot Sports Radio Episode #3: Monday, March 10th at 7pm EST: “How NBA and NCAA Can Support Athletes” with James Donaldson as special guest. ACCESS SHOW HERE.

James Donaldson is a Washington State University graduate (’79). After an outstanding basketball career with WSU, he went on to play professional basketball in for many NBA teams (including 1988 All-Star with Dallas Mavericks), several European teams,  and Greece, and he toured with The Harlem Globetrotters to wrap up his career. In 2010, James was elected as a board member for the NBA Retired Players Association, and was the recipient of the NBA Legends of Basketball ABC Award, awarded for outstanding contributions in Athletics–Business–Community.

James is is a strong advocate for Women & Minority owned businesses and is very involved with various Chambers of Commerce, and today, James devotes the majority of his time to various community activities and to the operations of The Donaldson Clinic. James frequently conducts speaking engagements (motivational, inspirational, educational) for organizations, schools, and youth groups. Currently, James is a director in China with the China Service Center for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries Studying Abroad Department in which he assists in helping students with various study abroad and cultural exchange programs.


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