After being drafted in the 7th round, Michael Sam expressed his historic moment with a historic kiss of his partnerWhile former NFL player Roman Oben thought it was a “very teachable moment” for his 12-year old son and himself as a parent, not everyone felt the same way.

Public displays of affection (PDA’s) are nothing new, and Michael Sam just put “straight” Americans on notice about one of the most beautiful and invisible privileges of all.

The term “check your privilege” gained lots of mainstream steam this past week because a Princeton student gained notoriety due  of his utter cluelessness about his own white male privilege. While he and the Princeton admissions department have taken hits, he is not the only clueless one. When it comes to “straight privilege”, I too have often been oblivious to PDA’s that I have  largely taken for granted. I wonder if PDA Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady has too.

In no uncertain terms, Michael Sam just told Tom Brady and everyone else:


Casual Brady (No, not same event)

Formal Brady: (No, not same event)

Family Man Brady

Ass-Grabbing Brady

Dude, Please, Just Stop!

This is Getting Disgusting Now!…

Okay, its official, I Just Vomited…

Maybe it’s just a Star Quarterback Privilege thing…

Okay or just a Football Thing…

Et Tu Kobe?

Lebron Too?

D-Wade & Gabrielle Union?

Tiger and Lindsey?

AROD and Derek Jeter too?

Mark Texeira? Is this stuff sponsored by The Yankees?

Or is it an old Baseball Thing?

Or a Team-Promoted Stadium Thing?

Wow, this is a very slippery slope? 

Where Will It End?


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