Before Lebron James wore his hoodie to bring attention to Trayvon Martin, he was undeniably linked to the life and death of Oscar Grant. As James contemplates his free-agent future, POPSspot Sports Radio (access show heretakes a critical look back at the 4-year anniversary of “The Decision” at 7pm EST tonight .

Lebron’s famous declaration to “take his talents to South Beach” overshadowed the other famous decision that day — the slap-on-wrist sentencing of Johannes Mehserle, the white Oakland police officer caught on videotape killing Oscar Grant. Ultimately, Mehserle would only serve only 11 months, and his release from jail which would also occur on the same day as the last game of the 2011 NBA Finals. Each time, the incredibly negative national attention reserved for Lebron along with an irresponsible media obscured the mass protests that surrounded both Mehserle’s sentencing and release.  ACCESS SHOW HERE

During this period, too few outside of Oakland would know about Oscar Grant and even fewer would recognize the name of Johannes Mehsele at all. Local outcries begging the nation to be concerned about the life of Oscar Grant and the vulnerable lives of young Black men would be replaced by protests, publicly burnt jerseys, and even hatred for one famous Black man. Too few were forced to question a system and media where Mehserle would receive less jail time and public condemnation than NFL player Plaxico Burress would receive for shooting himself.

Ms. Wanda Johnson (right), mother of Oscar Grant
with Oscar’s girlfriend Sophina and daughter Tatiana

This week’s special guest is the Ms. Wanda Johnson, the mother of Oscar grant who has been a tireless voice for justice in policing since her son’s death. In “The Decision Remix” we will reprioritize our national humanity and have the discussion we always should have had on that day and each year since. Ms. Johnson will discuss the facts behind her son’s case, her feelings on “The Decision” of Johannes Mehserle, the 4-year aftermath, the critically acclaimed motion picture Fruitvale Station, and how everyday citizens can help save lives to prevent future tragedies. 

ACCESS SHOW HERE, and for more information please visit The Oscar Grant Foundation.

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