Via Jessica Luther at Power Forward: If you are reading this, you probably already know about Ray Rice, his domestic violence charge (which he pled down), and the NFL’s recent two-game suspension of Rice for this crime.

Here is a round-up of posts that all explain in their title the big public takeaway from this lax suspension:

I’m not going to dispute the fact that the suspension tells us a lot about the NFL’s concerns about VAW and women more generally. It’s nice, actually, to see media – sports media in particular – have a general consensus on the ridiculous nature of this suspension (the Stephen A. Smiths of the world, notwithstanding).

But I want to push on this a bit. Because the NFL is an exploitative, even abusive, league and so to look to it to do the right thing regarding a player’s abuse off the field is almost always going to end in disappointment.

The NFL doesn’t care about its players’ welfare. Patrick Hruby has catalogued in detail the NFL fight against taking responsibility for the damage that playing in the NFL does to the bodies and minds of players. Scrolling through and just reading the summaries of Hruby’s articles at Sports On Earth give you a sense of how much they don’t care.

And it never hurts to remind people that the NFL, according to Forbes in 2013, “continues to be the most lucrative sports league in the world. The NFL’s 32 teams are worth, on average, $1.17 billion, 5% more than last year. The Cleveland Browns, a lousy team for years in a midsize market, sold for almost $1 billion last year.”

Also, the NFL is a NON PROFIT organization. NON PROFIT.

According to its 2011 IRS filings, the NFL is a “trade association” that promotes the interests of its clubs. Trade associations typically do such things as lobby governments, help create industry standards, develop benchmarks for companies to use in measuring their own performance, and otherwise advance the interests of a given industry.

This means that as taxpayers in the US, we fund the most lucrative sports league in the world. Our government does that with our money.

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