The Raiders’ Maurice Jones Drew completed his 40-yard touchdown run yesterday with his “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot” pose to bring attention to Michael Brown who was killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. In what may likely be his most important touchdown ever, his pose comes a few days after the NFL’s Washington team’s defense came out of the preseason game tunnel with their own “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” pose.

CBSDC reports that the gesture came from safety Brandon Meriweather and cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

“We just want to show our supporters what’s going on in St. Louis,” Meriweather said. “We just wanted to show support.”

“That could have been any one of us,” said free safety Ryan Clark. “That could have been any one of our brothers, our cousins… When you get an opportunity to make a statement, and be more than a football player, it’s good.”

Will Maurice Jones Drew and the Washington team be a few isolated expressions of protest or is it just the tip of the iceberg of a season-long protest that won’t stop on America’s greatest national stage until many of the protesters demands are met?

Many of those demands include the immediate arrest of officer Darren Wilson, the demilitarization of police, and a national effort toward a “Mike Brown Law” that will require police officers to wear body cams.

That remains to be seen, but there has clearly been some momentum in sports expressions that have not been seen in many years.

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